It is not about the money

As a child growing up, one of the questions I was usually asked is, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” I usually, without fail, leave them with a daunting answer, “A millionaire!” I continued giving this answer, until I realised that a billionaire was richer than a millionaire, I even considered being a gadzillionaire (if that even exists).

As childish as that may sound, I have discovered in my years of experience as a business consultant that the reason most people go into business is identical to my childhood dream, I mean, who really doesn’t want to have all the money in the world, right? Well, whilst it is good to have money in abundance, being an entrepreneur is not about making money!

I am sure you are now reconsidering my claim of being a business consultant. Don’t get me wrong, I do not discount the importance of a business making profit, as a business cannot operate without revenue. However, the vision of an entrepreneur should exceed the bottom line; unless, the desired bottom line may only remain a fantasy.

Still consider this farfetched? Let’s consider the following entrepreneurs:

Bill Gate and Paul Allan started Microsoft with the vision of putting a computer in every desk and every home.

Steve Jobs started Apple with a similar vision, he was fascinated with computing and he saw how much it could transform the world.

Mark Zuckerberg started Facebook because he wanted to help people share memories, interests and their day to day activities with their friends, family and others in their network.

All these and many others like Sir Richard Branson have transformed the world with the ventures they started and this is also why they are very rich.

So if you really want to be as successful as the above, ask yourself this question, “What difference will my business make to the lives of others?” For me, that should be the motive that underpins entrepreneurship.


Tolu Oyewole is an experienced business oriented individual with excellent leadership qualities. He previously owned a pixel advertising company that catered to the marketing needs of SMEs. He served as the Managing Director of a social enterprise that specialises in delivering life coaching services to young people living in Barking and Dagenham. He also sits on the Board of a multi-million pound Charity Organisation as an Independent Executive, advising them on Youth affairs.

He has successfully coached several start-ups and aspires to assist operative businesses maximise their potentials and achieve set goals as a Management Consultant and a Business Coach.

As an emerging leader in his generation, he is committed to continuously learning from the trailblazers of his present and previous generations, emulating their ‘rights’ and learning from their mistakes.

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