About Us

TAOO CONSULT is a management consulting and business coaching outfit that focuses on helping businesses of all sizes understand the youth market (16 – 24) and develop strategies to meet these needs.

The youth market is ever growing and contributes billions of pounds to the UK economy. However, this is not the most attractive aspect of this market. Once a business can successfully connect with the youth market, they are likely to stay loyal to that business as long as the business continues to meet their needs. Not forgetting that these are the same people that will eventually grow to become parents, business owners, athletes, employees, etc… Thus, capturing them now will not only mean retaining their custom in the long run, but also the people they are likely to influence. A term we refer to as ‘Consumer Reaction Optimisation’. For example, a young person is likely to keep using the same mobile network as long as they are content with the service they provide. They are also likely to takeout the same mobile network for their future children and even for their businesses.

This notion, with the right strategy, can cut across every industry.

The additional services we offer includes: change management packages. Through these services, we help businesses (including social enterprises) identify gaps in their operations, develop strategies that help them stay competitive, identify opportunities for expansion and manage the change that will be needed to maintain success. Click here for more information.

We also help start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs develop the right business model, formulate a business plan that will guide the execution of their ideas and raise capital to fund their business activities. We also walk alongside them throughout the process of their business to ensure success. Click here to find out more.

Our dream as a business is to see our clients change the world with the services we provide them.